Our Vision


We believe that all teachers and children should look forward to and enjoy their mathematics lessons. As a result of this effective engagement in lessons, children will make maximum progress and develop a love and understanding of mathematics and its purpose in the real world.


We will ensure a love and understanding of mathematics for children and the adults that work with them.


To be the leading mathematics consultancy company that empowers teachers to feel confident and equipped to deliver an exciting and ambitious mathematics curriculum.


Ensure that children are always ready for the next stage in learning, whether this is the next question, lesson, unit of work or year group.


How many times can we hear “I get it now!”?

Why have we taken this approach?

Through our work with schools, we are aware that there is a wealth of information, resources and messages around the effective implementation of an ambitious mathematics curriculum. This can often help improve mathematics in schools, but it can also contribute to leaders and teachers feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to best meet the needs of their children.

At First4Maths, we make it our mission to work with teachers to understand the needs of their children. We support teachers in determining which resources will ensure that they are able to develop children’s understanding and confidence within mathematics lessons. We analyse research and expectations at a National level and share this with schools so that they can confidently talk about the intent, implementation and impact of their mathematics curriculum.

What is the impact of our work in schools?

  • Teacher subject knowledge improves.
  • Teachers feel empowered and confident.
  • Teachers report that workload has reduced due to clear guidance and support.
  • Clear progression in learning is evident within lessons and in books.
  • Children’s gaps in learning have been identified and addressed.
  • Children are supported and challenged effectively.
  • Children feel more confident within their mathematics lessons.
  • Children have a greater enjoyment of mathematics.
  • Leaders feel confident about their school’s approach to mathematics and they are well prepared to talk about this to external agencies.
  • School data improves.