First4Maths have worked with the school for 18 months.  Toni and the team have supported the teachers in analysing strengths and weaknesses in their classes, and have helped them to plan next steps for all children.  The impact of this has been huge – staff are much more confident in delivering well structured, appropriately challenging lessons for all learners.  Over time, the impact has been twofold.  Firstly we have seen a real rise in standards, both through work scrutiny and through end of year assessments.  Secondly, teachers have become much more confident in planning and delivering the content of the curriculum, which has had a big impact on staff morale and well being.  Toni has also supported our Maths leads in scrutinising books, coaching staff and analysing and planning areas for development in the school.  First4Maths consultants have always been friendly and supportive for all staff, establishing a professional yet friendly rapport quickly.  I cannot recommend their support highly enough.