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Your support package for planning and delivering an inspiring mathematics curriculum.

Join today for the essential training, resources, support and advice you need to plan, lead and deliver an effective and inspiring mathematics curriculum.

Membership Options

• Intent Documents
• Planning Overviews for Years 1-6
• Assessment Tags
• Mathematical Challenges with Reasoning
• World Maths Day Resources
• Commonwealth Games Resources
• Time Homework
Early launch price
£999 + VAT per year
until 7th January 2024

Price increases to £1200 + VAT from
8th January 2024

Launch Price
• 20 users per school
• Full access to our EYFS packages
• Subject Knowledge Training for each
objective in Years 1 – 6
• Monthly Zooms for each year group

* The price will increase as the membership site develops further resources are added but once you have joined your price will never increase meaning our founder members will receive this amazing price for as long as they remain members of First4Maths Academy.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Teachers feeling overwhelmed with the range of resources available to support the planning and teaching of mathematics.

Teachers feeling that they lack the subject knowledge and confidence that they need to deliver an inspiring mathematics curriculum.

Teachers feeling that they can’t adapt the Scheme of Work that you are currently using but feeling like they are falling behind with coverage.

Teachers struggling to find the time and resources to challenge children at Greater Depth.

Teachers lacking the confidence to track back for children with difficulties in their mathematical understanding.

Teachers knowing that they need to use the CPA approach to support children’s understanding but being unsure of how to embed resources effectively into each unit of work

If it does, then you already know how challenging it can be to provide effective support and training for your teachers while being mindful of cost and teacher workload.

That’s what inspired us to create First4Maths Academy.

What are the benefits of joining?

• Access to a curriculum progress model for
Nursery and Reception

• Video support for each week of planning in EYFS outlining the support and challenge that can be provided within the continuous provision

• Access to a progressive curriculum covering the National
Curriculum in England for Years 1 – 6

• Access to Planning Overviews for every unit of work
in Years 1 – 6 outlining the progression for every objective
within a unit of work

• Weekly planning and assessment sheets for EYFS practitioners

• Intent documents to enable subject leaders to monitor coverage of the curriculum

• Video training for each unit of work, outlining subject knowledge needed to deliver the unit effectively including the use of CPA and progression to mastery and greater depth.

Frequently asked questions

Which member of staff should create the account for our school?

The member of staff who creates the primary user account will be responsible for adding up to 20 additional users. We recommend that you use a non-named email address e.g. admin@, bursar@ or head@ to create the primary user account, as the main email address cannot be transferred to another user once the account is set up. 

How do we add our additional users?

There are ‘How to’ videos available to support you with this when your primary user subscribes but there are two options to add additional members.

You add your sub accounts under your Account Tab, in the subscriptions section. As the primary user, you can add up to 20 additional users to your subscription by adding their details. Each sub account holder will then receive an email and have instant access to all courses and resources. Alternatively, on the subscriptions section, there is a link for you to send to your additional users for them to sign up to your subscription and gain instant access.

Can we share our subscription with another school?

No. Each subscription is only to be shared with staff in your own school. We hope that you agree that we are keeping our costs competitive with other CPD providers to ensure that we are able to offer excellent value for money for the schools that subscribe to our membership.

Who are the monthly zoom sessions for?

We will be holding 9 zoom sessions per month from September 2023. There will be one session per year group from Nursery to Year 6 and one session per month for Subject Leaders.

What will be the focus of the monthly Zoom sessions?

Our consultants will lead these 45-minute sessions for specific year groups or Mathematics Subject Leaders. We will discuss areas relevant to the participants, the stage of the year and the current unit of work. We will support with common areas of concern that have been identified during our school support or via feedback from our members. We will also use this as an opportunity to discuss strengths, coverage of the curriculum and next steps.  

How many times can we access the training?

There is no limit on the number of times that you can access the training throughout the period of your membership.

When will our membership renew?

If you purchase your membership on or before 31st August 2023 your membership will be due for renewal on 1st September 2024. This means that if you sign up in the Summer Term of 2023 you will essentially be getting this period of your membership free of charge. If you purchase after this date, your membership will be due for renewal 365 days after your purchase date.

Will the cost of the membership increase when I renew?

No. The cost of our membership will increase as more content and resources are added to the site. However, when you purchase your membership, we will record the cost you joined at and this will continue to be your yearly renewal cost for as long as you remain a member of First4Maths Academy. If you leave the membership you would need to re-join at the current retail price.

What if we want to cancel?

We will always contact your primary user when your membership is due for renewal, to check that you would like to continue your membership for another year. If at any time during your membership you decide that you will not want to renew, please go to subscription tab on your account and cancel your membership alternatively you can  email and we will update our renewal records. We ask that if your primary user changes during your membership that you contact us to update our records.

Coming soon

  • Overview training video for Senior Leaders, Governors and Trustees.
  • Subject Leader training videos to support with leading your curriculum.
  • Training for Teaching Assistants.

Coming later

  • Progress Ladders for every objective – activities for teachers to select from depending on the needs of their cohort. Select more activities at a fluency level for children who need additional practise or move quickly to the Greater Depth activities for children who need further challenge.
  • Video intervention sessions taught by First4Maths Consultants. 20 minute sessions that children can watch with a Teaching Assistant, ensuring clear modelling and explanations for the children alongside training for Teaching Assistants.